Advertise With Us

To Advertisers,

Your ad can be placed in 11 different Ad Spots on the website. When someone clicks on your ad they will be sent to your website. We track ALL clicks and report to you the date and time of the clicks, along with the person’s IP address.


1. Ad Spot 1 – Banner above the Header

This ad will appear above the Header

2. Ad Spot 2 – Banner below Post title on Front Page

This ad will appear below all the post-titles on your blog frontpage

3. Ad Spot 3 – Banner below title inside of Post

When a post is open this will appear just below the post title

4. Ad Spot 4 – Banner below post when open

When a post is open this will show just below the post and before the comment box

5. Ad Spot 5 – Banner below page title

This one will appear just below the title inside every pages  the  website

6. Ad Spot 6 – Banner below page content

This one will appear just below the content in a page if the page is open.

7. Ad Spot 7 – Banner below comment boxes

This advertisement will show up just below the box where your readers type in comments.

8. Ad Spot 8 – Banner above header

This advertisement show up before everyting else on the blog. Above the header.

9. Ad Spot 9 – Banner Below footer

This one appears just below the blog footer.

10. Ad Spot 10 – Banner on Sidebar

This banner will appear on the sidebar

11. Ad Spot 11 – Thumbnail in Sponsor Section on Sidebar

Every advertiser will receive a Thumbnail in the “My Sponsor” section.